We keep training time fun, using the dog’s favorite activities for exercise.  Command training is different. We will cover that in a future article.  For exercise we simply find what they like. Champion Lucianna loves the Spring Pole and fetch, so when she’s not hanging from a Spring Pole she’s chasing a tennis ball.

King Tyson doesn’t care about your tennis ball.. you go pick it up.  He’s only interested in sticks and logs.. he’ll chase those.  Louis V Line’s Venom is obsessed with tennis balls, so he gets his exercise chasing the ball. Keep it fun, and keep them challenged. I’ll throw the ball high enough for a little hang time and the dogs shoot out as if shot from a cannon and try to catch the ball off one bounce in mid-air.

There are a ton of ways to challenge and exercise your dog. Just remember, keep it fun, give your dog time for rest and keep them hydrated. Enjoy!