It has been a wild few months here at Venomline Pocket Bullies. With young litters that arrived weeks apart from each other, Louis V Line’s Venom Closing to the Public, a wedding, a huge milestone, a pretty serious injury and several vet trips on just a handful of hours of sleep.

In this article, we’ll bring everyone up to speed and also show off some of the puppies off of our recent litters. We will also be announcing a few of our upcoming planned breeding pairs.


Louis V Lin'e Venom, Top Stud, Pocket, Extreme, Exotic American Bully

Let’s start off with some of the biggest news of the past week… Louis V Line’s Venom is now Closed to the Public.

This boy has blessed us with more than we could possibly ever repay and he has done the same for some of the top kennels and breeding programs across the globe. He has done more than enough to solidify himself as a Legend in the bully game as one of the best to ever do it.

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We will continue to Venom, but solely in our program and for our Customers that booked him ahead of time. For everyone that put their trust in our program, we appreciate every single one of you.

For our Customers who locked him in/reserved before Closing, your Stud Credits are obviously still good, but we will not be accepting any new reservations. Venom is now Officially off limits, he is Closed to the Public.

If you have an upcoming litter of his, or any of his offspring.. your stock is about to go way up.

It’s time for our best bud to chill on the couch, sit back, relax and watch proudly as his sons Rampage, Savage & King V- begin their own Legacies.

Check out some of Venom’s kids


GrCh Rockomania X Venomline Swizz- Best Pocket Bully Kennels, Puppies for sale

In other news, one of the most anticipated breedings of 2019- Grand Champion Rockomania X Venomline’s Swizz’s litter was born and the puppies arrived just before Christmas. This was a litter that was sold out over a year in advance of the actual breeding taking place and it’s easy to see why…

Grand Champion Rockomania is an International Winning Grand Champion and Swizz is one of the bulliest Pocket Bullies on the planet.

Most don’t believe Swizz’s stats until they see her in person for the first time. She’s bigger, wider and has a bigger head than 99% of the top studs out. Swizz weighs in at 82lbs and has an over 24″ head.

Quite frankly, the first time I’ve personally seen that on a female, definitely a first for a Pocket Female. She has all of this on a functional, clean frame.

Venomlin's Swizz, Best Pocket American Bully Kennels, Breeders, Puppies for sale

Pictured below is Swizz with a few of our other next generation young, up & coming females, Venom daughters ABKC Champion Venomline’s Lil Ting & Khaleesi.

Khaleesi is one major and a few points away from earning her Champion Title in the Pocket Class as well.

Venomline's Swizz & Lil Ting Pocket American Bully Breeders, Tri Color pocket bully puppies for sale

Grand Champion Rocko and Swizz knocked this one out of the park! Here are the puppies from the litter (all females) pictured at 6-7 weeks.

All of the puppies from this litter are spoken for. Check out our Available Puppies for Sale & Upcoming Breedings.


Shortly after Swizz’s litter, and on the day before New Years Eve, Lil Ting was due. A little backstory, Lil Ting was ready to be bred the day before our wedding. We found out that she was close to being ready as we were checking into our hotel. Not to mention the vet was also closed on the following day.

So, we went ahead with the breeding anyway knowing the odds weren’t in our favor. 30 days later during her ultrasound appointment, we found out that she was pregnant.


Top American Bully Upcoming Breedings | Pocket Bully Puppies For Sale

Top Pocket American Bully Stud- Louis V Line's Omega | Venomline

Khaleesi is one major and a few points away from earning her Champion Title in the Pocket Class as well.

The vet initially told us during the ultrasound and even in the x-ray, that she was able to see two puppies. It turned out to be one HUGE puppy, Baby Mega.

Man, is this male is impressive! Champion Venomline’s Ting gave birth to her singleton puppy on December 30th.


We’re a little bummed that this male won’t be staying here, but unfortunately we’re are at max capacity. At the moment, we are unable to keep a few of our top picks off of recent breedings (picks that usually wouldn’t be be available for sale) We’re currently in the process of looking into a new house with more room.

The silver lining to all of this is that this little polar bear will be going to a great home where he’ll be spoiled and loved on around the clock by great new owners.


Every once in a while a breeding exceeds your expectations, and this was the case with Venom X Jade, a litter that was co-produced by us with our good friend Nate over at NMG Bullies.

Some may remember around a month back an incredible breeding with a rainbow of tri color puppies from the first time we teamed up with NMG Bullies.

Louis V Line's Venom puppies for sale, tri color american bully puppies for sale

We were so impressed with the results from that litter (Venom X Lucy Luciana) that we teamed up with Nate again with the Venom X Jade breeding. Man.. this one just clicked. Hard.

Louis V Line's Venom puppies for sale


Here are the pups from Venom X Jade. These males were available for sale, but both have been spoken for. Huge congratulations to Rick and Jeremy over at Small Town Dynasty Kennels.

Venomline Pocket Bully Puppies for sale, NMG Bullies

Best American Bully Breeders, Tri Color Puppies, Venomline Pocket Bully Puppies for sale, NMG Bullies

Those were the males at 4 weeks, and then pictured at 8 weeks (below)

Best Blue, Lilac, Chocolate, Champagne Tri Color Pocket Bully Puppies, Top American Bully Kennels & Breeders, Puppies for sale

Best Blue, Lilac, Chocolate, Champagne Tri Color Pocket Bully Puppies, Top American Bully Kennels & Breeders, Puppies for sale

We were so impressed with the results from this litter that we made the decision to bring Jade to the young up & coming star- Venomline’s Rampage a 2X Venom son who is the very definition of what an Extreme American Bully should look like in my opinion.

Rampage has all of the exaggerated traits, exudes breed type (you’re not confusing this gorilla with a pit bull) and carries a ton of bone and mass without sacrificing functionality or movement. Not to mention that his head is absolutely massive.

This boy has it all, clean bite, straight fronts, good angulation and turn to stifle and can hold his own stacking next to any dog on the planet. Rampage is Now Open For Stud.


Venomline’s Rampage is redefining the term “Extreme Build Pocket”

This is 2X Venom at just 18 months old.

Venomline Studs- 2X Venom Rampage, American Bully Stud Service

Venomline Studs- 2X Venom Rampage, American Bully Stud Service, Top ABKC Extreme Pocket Bully Studs

All of the litters above have sold out, so unfortunately there isn’t anything available off of those litters. But we currently do have a few Omega puppies that are currently Available for Sale and also a Venom pup that has come back Available at a Discounted pet price.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with him either, he would make a great show dog or loving pet to the right family. The only reason he’s discounted at this price is because of his age. He’s a beautiful dog.

With Venom Closing to the Public, the demand for his puppies has gone through the roof and most of his litters have sold out within hours of posting them online. So, if you’re interested in reserving a puppy off of Venom, then your best bet it to check out our Upcoming Breedings and reserve your pick in advance, before the litter sells out.

In addition to the puppies mentioned above and on our Available Puppies page that are currently available, we have also just announced some of our Upcoming Planned Breeding Pairs to start off 2020. We are just waiting on the breeding banners to be finished before we announce another two breedings that aren’t pictured below.

We will be Announcing them for the first time publicly later this week. Trust us when we tell you that these are two breedings you definitely won’t want to miss out on.

Follow us on Facebook and be sure to “turn post notifications on” so you don’t miss out on new breeding announcements, puppies that become available and more.


Top American Bully Breeders Kennels, Best Breedings 2020

Top American Breeders Kennels, Best Breedings 2020

Top American Pocket Bully Breeders Kennels, Best Breedings 2020

Top American Pocket Bully Breeders Kennels, Best Breedings 2020


Top American Bully Kennels, Best American Bully Breeders, ABKC Champions

ABKC Pocket Champion Lil Ting and her chocolate tri sidekick, King V are two peas in a pod. They definitely won’t be up for any Best Behaved Dog awards anytime soon, but the two are best friends and do pretty much everything together.

These two are trouble. But also a lot of fun to watch.

Poor Chunk… the man just wants to chill and enjoy his retirement and he’s got son King V dive bombing him from the couch while he’s napping and daughter Lil Ting dragging him across the floor by his collar wanting to play.

Chunk loves it though, he lets his kids get away with things that he’d never let other dogs get away with.

But his ball is off limits, and everyone knows that.

American Bully Stud Service | Best Bully Puppies For Sale | Top American Bully Kennels | Best American Breeders | Venomline

But his ball is off limits, and everyone knows that.


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