Alright Mini Chunk go on to do great things at your new home in Kuwait 🇰🇼 Thank you Anu for all of your hard work and for making the trip!

He will be bunking down with one of Venom’s daughters (his 1/2 sister) who’s waiting to welcome him to his new pack:)

That makes us feel a lot better knowing he will have company and a sister of his to ease his transition into his new home and make playtime that much more fun.

This little guy was a clone of his daddy- down to the concerned grunts, noises he makes and personality. Here’s a look back on some of the fun we had together while he was with us.

Venom Clone | Best American Pocket Bully Breeders | Venomline

Mini Chunk and full size Chunk saying their goodbyes before Mini Chunk’s flight

Venom Clone | Best American Pocket Bully Breeders | Venomline


Some of the fun the father/son duo had together

Here’s some video to see just how close the two are in appearance. Venom “Chunk” has been so consistent at Stud he has cloned himself several times, with a number of different females.