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Article Originally by Tiffany Leipzig of BULLY KING Magazine on Medium

In our last article on the pocket American Bullies of Venomline- we covered some of the game changing young females top Stud Louis V Line’s Venom has produced. If you thought that was impressive, wait until you see the rest of the young and up and comers the top pocket bully kennel has kept hidden out.

In this article I’ll detail my visit to Venomline- traveling to South Florida to see first hand what all the buzz is about and check out the dogs in person. I got the chance to see them all, from the OG’s: World Famous pocket bully Studs & two of Louis V’s best sons Venom & Omega, down to the rising stars, the next generation of young Venomline Studs & females. This next generation of top young talent has been the topic of conversation in nearly every bully forum and Facebook group.


My assignment began when I was invited down to accompany owner Matt for a weekend and shadow along in what seemed like an entirely impossible schedule to keep up for any extended period of time. Honestly, the guy doesn’t stop. He’s got to be one of the hardest working breeders in the business. Not just that, but you can tell that the guy truly loves what he’s doing for a living.

If he didn’t, his schedule would be impossible to keep up. After just two days of trying to keep up, I was beat. I wasn’t just exhausted, I was also physically sore for a good 3–4 days following my visit to the pocket bully kennel and upon my arrival home I needed the full following weekend to recover. I did so by laying in bed and binge watching Orange Is The New Black in between cat naps. Yeah… I was that worn out.

Louis V Line’s Venom “Chunk”


My flight arrived on Thursday at 6:30pm at Palm Beach International. The West Palm Beach airport is much smaller and cozier than Fort Lauderdale Airport for anyone with the option between the two- I would highly recommend flying into West Palm Beach. Within 10 minutes of landing, everyone had exited the plane and I was on my way toward baggage claim.

By the time I had completed the short walk to baggage claim, my bags were already visible on the track. “That was fast” I thought. I quickly grabbed my things and text Matt that I would be outside waiting at passenger pickup when he arrived. Just a little backstory- I have worked for BULLY KING Magazine for a little over two years, but this is the first time that I have flown down to South Florida to meet the magazine owner and head of Venomline. So I’m a little anxious, but also excited.

Best Pocket American Bully Kennels, bloodlines, studs & BreedersVenomline’s King V

After sending out the text that I had arrived and that I was outside at pickup, I see a Black Avalanche truck pulling up with the windows down and I can see two big smiling bully faces hanging out the window. I couldn’t help but laugh, thinking:

“That has to be him”


It was. My nerves upon arriving quickly left as Matt shook my hand and said “welcome to South Florida” complete with three American Bullies: Tyson, Venom and son King V are all smiling at me from the back seat. We got in around 7:30pm and Matt’s wife Deanne greeted me at the door with a big welcoming smile. Ok, “I already like her” I thought. We had dinner, hung out and I got to meet several of the pocket bullies who were just hanging out on the couch like they were little people.

We had dinner and some small talk. Deanne and I enjoyed some red wine before we all sat down for a movie before heading to bed. I’m not in bed for 10 minutes when my door slowly creeps open and I see this massive bully head staring right at me. It was Tyson, a 104lb Standard bully, with a 26″ head- definitely the biggest and most intimidating looking of the bunch. He invites himself up into my bed, lays his head on my feet and within 2 minutes is snoring. LOUD.

Standard American Bully | King Tyson II 104lb Standard bully with a 26" head

Ok. I don’t know if it’s physically possible to fall asleep with this level of snoring going on. I laughed before falling asleep, remembering that Matt had given me fair warning regarding Tyson’s snoring, but he had downplayed it quite a bit. “Tyson snores, just so you know, but it’s not that bad.. Personally, I like it, I think it’s soothing.. some people fall asleep listening to rainforest sounds, falling rain or thunderstorms.. Me? I prefer bully snores. Multiple at once is even better. It’s like a symphony.” Yea.. just like a symphony, I thought, realizing I did not pack ear plugs.


My alarm is going off and it’s still dark outside. “This has to be a mistake.” It wasn’t. It was 6:15am when Matt edges my door door and hands me coffee. It took me another 15 minutes to get out of bed. “Who gets up this early?” I thought as Matt handed me a trash bag and asks me to follow him into his office. Thus began a day that started at the crack of dawn and didn’t end until 11:30 that night.

We didn’t stop moving or sit down the entire day. We fed and walked dogs, took care of puppies, knocked out breedings, dropped pups off to customers, picked others up from the airport, met visitors traveling in from all over the country and even a few from outside it, including a couple from the U.K and another from Brazil.


Best Blue, Lilac, Chocolate, Champagne Tri Color Pocket Bully Puppies, Top American Bully Kennels & Breeders, Puppies for sale

I carried the trash bag into his office as requested not really knowing what I was doing or even who I was at this hour. Seriously, this coffee needs to kick in. The first task on hand was to clean the whelping box. Matt lifted two puppies out of the pen and set them in a tall laundry basket. Once they were out of the way, he began folding up all puppy pads and handing them to me. “Ok I should have gloves for this.”

Once all of the soiled pads were packed up, it was my job to take the trash out while Matt cleaned, mopped and replaced the puppies’ pen with fresh pads. It was spotless when he set the puppies back in and asked me to follow him into the kitchen so that we could prepare their breakfast “WE haven’t even had breakfast yet!” I thought as we filled the puppies bowls with dry puppy food, a chicken and rice formula, fish oil and Probalance– a supplement powder full of vitamins and nutrients.

After feeding the puppies, I followed Matt outside and was handed a hose and asked to spray down a patch of artificial grass-like turf. Once that was clean we brought it inside and set in the corner of the pen. Matt explained to me that the puppies recognize to use the restroom on the grass. This not only aids in potty training but also keeps the area where the puppies use the restroom separate from the area where they eat and rest. When I asked why this was important Matt explained that if the puppies were left to roll around in their own feces and filth like many breeders leave their litters to do, the puppies can get used to it and think this is acceptable oftentimes becoming more difficult to potty train later on.


Once the puppy pen was clean and the puppies were fat and happy, I watched as Matt dropped a stuffed squirrel in for them to play with. I admire the cuteness of the puppies for about 10 seconds when the door opens and I’m handed two red leashes. We attach leashes to collars and quickly head out the front door. Matt with Tyson, Chunk (Venom) and King V, while I have the females- Champion Lil Ting and Champion Lucianna. We walk all of them around the block for exercise and for them to use the restroom.

ABKC Champion Lucky Lucianna Pocket ClassBest American Bully Bloodline- Venomline, ABKC Champion Lil TingABKC Champions Venomline;s Lil Ting & Lucky Lucianna

Top Pocket American Bully Female

Pocket Bully Kennels, American Bully Breeders, Best Pocket Bully, ABKC Champion Breeder

Once we get back to the house, Matt instructs me to grab Ting while he picks up Chunk (Louis V Line’s Venom) and loads him up in the truck. “We have to head to the vet” was all the information I was given. I turn to look in the backseat and Chunk is laying on his daughter Ting and using her as a pillow. “Chunk’s afraid of heights, and the car seat is high to him.”


After close to 40 minutes of driving we arrive at Animal Hospital of Fort Lauderdale, one of the best vets specializing in reproduction on the East Coast. Chunk must come here a lot, because as soon as we pull up and he picks up sent he’s bouncing all over the place with excitement. As soon as Matt lifts him from the truck and sets him on the ground, Chunk full on sprints to the front door.

“Chunk’s here” sounds over the loud speaker, as we’re directed to room 6 where we wait for Andrea and Dr. Jones. Chunk completely loses his shit when he sees the familiar faces of his girlfriends, who will be collecting him for a breeding.

After being collected, Chunk cools off while his sample was prepared for shipment to a Customer in Texas, who will be using the fresh chilled semen on their show winning female. Matt steps out to call the Customer and let them know about the collection. “1.1 billion at 98% motility, you can expect FedEx to arrive with your package before 11am.”

Best American Bully Kennels, Top American Bully Breeders, Top Pocket American Bully Studs, Pocket Bully Puppies for sale

With Venom and Omega being two of the most sought after pocket bully Studs in the world, Venomline has had to limit their Stud Service to a maximum 3 per week for any given Stud.


As soon as we finish at the Vet, Matt tells me that we are headed back North to meet with partner Darryl to get some updated photos of Venomline’s Savage (a 2X Venom son & littermate brother to Champion Ting & Rampage) Venomline’s Xena a Mye-Stro daughter & Venom granddaughter as well as Athena- a 2X Louis V Line’s Oro daughter.

All in One Litter | 2X Venom (Venom X Moana) Pups at a year old

Check out: The First 2X Venom litter: From Pups to Adults

After a 40 minute drive we pull back into Matt’s neighborhood and see Darryl there waiting. Matt introduces me to his partner and then begins to assemble the camera while Darryl starts letting dogs out one at a time. As each dog exited the vehicle Matt would tell me about the dog’s lineage and the Sire and Dam.

I’ve recapped some of our busy day and the incredible pocket American Bullies that I was able to see and meet in person.


The first up was Savage, produced in the 1st Ever 2X Venom litter.


Venomline's SavageTop Pocket Bully Kennels, Breeders and Puppies For Sale | ABKC Champions

Next up was Venomline’s Xena. Xena was the lone puppy (a singleton) produced in the 1st Time ever Mye-Stro Meets Venom (Mye-Stro X Khaleesi) breeding. At just under 15 months, this was an extremely impressive and beautiful 13″ lilac tri color pocket bully.


Lilac, Champagne, Purple Tri Color American bully

After helping Matt & Darryl take photos of Savage & Xena, I got the chance to see one of the young females that they’ve been hiding out, a Louis V Line’s Oro daughter named Athena. She’s a 2X Oro daughter produced in the Oro X Bathena breeding. At just 8 months, Athena is a spitting image of her Sire, Venom’s nephew Oro.



Chocolate Tri Color Buly, Venomline King V

Best Pocket American Bully Kennels, bloodlines, studs & Breeders


As soon as we finished with photos of Xena, Savage & Athena, it was close to noon. While I went to pickup food, Matt met with Jacqueline from Dawghouse Bullies for some updated pics of Apache. Apache (pictured below at 9 months) was produced in the Big Red X Panda breeding.


After finishing with Jacqueline, we met back at Matt’s house for lunch. As soon as we finished eating it was back to the puppy pen. Clean, replace, feed. I’m informed we have customers arriving to pick up their new puppy in around 20 minutes.

Despite his busy schedule, Matt takes his time with each and every customer, captures photos of each of them with the dogs and takes his time to get talk and get to know each of them beyond their shared love and appreciation of this breed.


The first of the visitors traveling in were the Jones family. They drove all the way from Kansas City to pick up their female puppy from the Venom X Baci litter.

2:00 PM

As soon as the Jones family was pulling out, the next visitors were arriving. James and his brother were pulling in after making the drive to South Florida from Michigan to use Venom at Stud. After a few quick photos Venom was collected and the Stud Service was complete.

In close to 30 days they will bring their female in for an ultrasound, and hopefully call with the good news- that she’s expecting.

3pm: Matt gives Chunk some ice cold water and then sets him on the couch, it’s only 3 o’clock and the little fella has already had a busy day. As we are heading out the door I can hear Chunk already starting to snore. I can’t help but laugh, this dog is living every dude’s fantasy.Next we bring out a couple of the puppies from the Venom X Baci litter for photos.


Best Pocket Bully Puppies For Sale | Top American Bully Kennels | Best American Breeders

Next we had Nate was arriving with puppies from Venom X Lucy for photos and videos. The litter is 7 weeks old and it’s time for Customers to make their picks. Matt and Nate took photos and videos from every possible angle to help the Venomline Customers who weren’t able to travel in make the best selection possible. Once they finish with photos and video of each individual puppy, I get handed the camera to upload all of the photos.

When the photos are finally uploaded, Matt and Nate start going through and selecting photos of each and begin sending them over to Customers with reservations on the litter. For the next two hours we are sending photos and videos. We take more as Customers request certain angles, ask to see bites or certain angles of the puppies stacked. I listen as Matt objectively breaks down the strengths and weaknesses of each puppy in the litter to help each customer make the right pick.



After Customers have made their picks Nate is back with his puppies from one of his females. In addition to the litter they partnered on, Nate also purchased a Venom Stud Credit to use on one of his own females (that wasn’t co-owned)

Ok now these are too friggin’ cute! They almost look fake, like little stuffed teddy bears. I’m in love! Don’t get me wrong, the other puppies are amazing, but these little bear cubs are only 5 weeks old. Just look at this little guy! He’s smiling the entire time I am holding him. I can’t. Just when I think I can’t take anymore cuteness, Nate is back with this little guy’s brother.

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By the time Matt & Nate finish with the Customers making their picks on the Venom X Baci litter it’s close to midnight. I was exhausted, in bed by 10pm and slept like a baby. By time I was up the following morning Matt was off to meet visitors from Columbia, so I got up cleaned the puppy pen and fed the puppies and then went to breakfast with Deanne.

By the time we got back Matt was waiting with the truck already loaded up and it was time to meet more customers traveling in, walk and exercise dogs, drop off puppies and knockout a breeding. We didn’t get back to the house until close to 9pm.

Best Pocket American Bully Breeders, ABKC Champions, American Bully Pocket, Pocket American Bully Puppies For Sale, Venomline

I had to get some rest, I was physically sore from squatting for photos, my hamstrings were on fire from bathing dogs and constantly lifting or picking up things. Clearly that’s embarrassing to admit, and a definite sign I need to sign up for a gym membership. But I’ll be honest, this was a lot more work than I expected. I think I’ll stick to writing. Here are a few photos from my last day at the pocket bully kennel, before flying out the following morning.


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