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Four different kennels from across the country travel thousands of miles to sunny South Florida to check out Top Stud Louis V Line’s Venom, complete some top level breedings, and pick up their pups from the first-ever 2X Venom litter.

While many kennels bicker and blast each other on Facebook, Texas Size Bullies has teamed up with some of the top kennels in the country for some incredible breedings. Most recently teaming up with Florida breeder Guardian Angel Bullies.

These are guys you won’t find bad mouthing other breeders on social media, debating dogs they don’t own or going live talking about everybody’s business but their own.. They’re too busy working to produce their vision of the perfect Pocket Bully.

Below is a recap of Texas Size BulliesGuardian Angel BulliesDawghouse Bullies & Maya Bully Kennels (out of Minnesota) busy weekend.

Originally posted on Thisisbully.comVenom (Chunk) Reunites With Daughter For 1st Time Since 8 Weeks Old!

Extreme features on very short and compact frames

Without the over heavily bulldog look, limousine backs, feet facing different sides of the equator or front and back ends in different classes. These are functional bulls. But make no mistake, these are boned up Pocket Bullies with exaggerated features that exude breed type.. minus the slop that seems to be so prevalent in the exotic community.


Venom (Chunk) and Mia had so much fun playing together they had to physically be carried in, because they refused to come inside. 😂

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But the 2018 Mascot wasn’t finished for the day just yet..


After traveling to Bradenton, FL, Texas Size Bullies headed down south to West Palm Beach where it was time to meet Maya Bully Kennel’s Alex Ramirez & his family, who made the drive from Minnesota to South Florida to meet Venom and pick up their own little female Venom clone “Chunkette” from the 1st ever 2X Venom litter.


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The entire litter (2X Venom) was one for the books. Extremely consistent across the board. Every pup had a scissor bite, there were no kinks, and all had good toplines and were very clean dogs on top of being extremely short, compact and bully.

Finally, back at the house, it was time for Matt to get some rest before meeting the Cuevas family. They were in route travelling from South Carolina to use Venom at Stud.


After knocking out the breeding with Ernie and meeting the Cuevas family, Matt decided to eat some BBQ and relax before meeting Juan at 4 pm for photos and another Stud Service.

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After that, Matt was able to spend time with family and Chunk slept like a baby. At least until 10PM when Texas Size Bullies partner Darryl was coming over to pick up XENA


Texas Size Bullies owner Matt Siebenthal doesn’t live off breeding dogs, this is his passion. He runs other businesses during the day, but if you send a text after calling he is good about getting back to just about everyone.

From Texas Size Bullies:

“Since the recent television airing it has been a little overwhelming and a bit difficult to respond to every message on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Website etc.

That’s a lot of different places to check..

So please do not think we are ignoring you, have gotten full of ourselves, or think we are above responding to everyone.

We will always take time with anyone interested in the breed, a puppy, using a Stud or just wanting to ask basic questions.

If we miss your message, feel free to give us a call or shoot us a text at 832–452–0898. If we miss your call, just shoot us a text and I will always respond within 24 hours.

Thank you for taking the time to view our family members.”

     – Texas Size Bullies

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