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Tito the SAVAGE (2X Venom) & XENA (Mye-Stro Meets Venom) Follow Up

Lilac Tri Pocket Bully | Venom Clone American Pocket Bully | Venomline
Xena (Mye-Stro X Khaleesi)

We’ve been painfully keeping our keepers from the 1st ever 2X Venom litter, and the Mye-Stro Meets Venom breeding tucked away and out of the public eye.. So it’s only fair we give everyone a sneak peak into their progression at 6 months of age.

Savage 2X Venom (Venom X Moana) & Xena (Mye-Stro Meets Venom) at 6 months old

The two brothers we kept off of the 1st 2X Venom breeding are Rampage & Savage, along with a female we named Snow “Lil Ting” (my wife named her) We also kept a female- XENA off the Mye-Stro X Khaleesi breeding.

Wynter Snow “Lil Ting” 2X Venom (Venom X Moana)

Below are updated photos of Tito the “SAVAGE” and XENA at a little over 6 months old. Very happy with how both of these pups are maturing. The last photo is of a Venom clone we call Mini Chunk, who is off to his new home tomorrow.


“Mini Chunk” another Venom Clone


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