Yesterday I had the opportunity to see and shoot one of our lilac tri colored pocket bully females for the first time since she was just a pup, and she looks incredible. How in the hell had I not seen one of our own american bully’s since she was a puppy? Don’t worry she hasn’t been neglected and ignored in the back of a kennel somewhere. We do not believe in keeping dogs locked up for several hours a day, so we let our dogs all “free roam.”

What this means is that they move about the house and outdoors freely. They chill on couches in the living room, watch our son play Nintendo, sleep in bed or come grab me when they want to head  outside to run and play. A lot of breeders keep their dogs locked up in kennels for the majority of the day, if not all day. That sounds like a prison sentence. It also has a definite impact on a dog’s temperament. We prefer to have both happy and well-socialized dogs that are a part of our family. Anyhow, Gypsy has been in Montana enjoying the snow and she’s down to visit. She’s basically a snow bird.


So where did a 12-month-old female that none of our followers has seen yet come from? Long story short, my mother in law visits every year and has watched the dogs for us while we went out of town, so she spent a decent amount of time with the crew. She fell in love with the breed (as most do) when they meet an American Bully for the first time. She was blown away their temperament.

How could a dog that looks tough be the most gentle, sweet and delicate dog she’d ever come across?  Welcome to the American Bully breed. It’s a walking, barking oxymoron. This is one of the best breeds at inherently understanding the emotions and feelings of their owners. They’re remarkably sensitive to it, and it’s one of the breed’s best qualities, one of the reasons they make great therapy dogs and just another reason why so many have fallen in love with the American Bully breed.



Mom-in-law wanted one. She’s pretty badass, and not a pain in the ass like many of my friend’s moms-in-law so we had to get her one. It also definitely had to be one of ours. The plan initially was to produce her future puppy on the 1st 2X Venom litter (Venom X Moana). As we were taking care of the puppies, my wife bottle-fed the little white one and fell in love. She handles a lot of pf puppies without having to have them, so I knew this one was special. So, of course, we kept her, she’s now known as ABKC Pocket Champion “Lil Ting.”  My fiancee came up with that, don’t ask. I couldn’t tell you. But somehow it fits her. Go figure.


Now I have to pull a dog out of nowhere so that my mom-in-law and fiancee are both happy. Well, mom-in-law wanted one with an all-white head just like the puppy she had in mind, that her daughter fell in love with. So not only do I have to find her an awesome puppy, it has to be one of our lines and also has to have an all-white head.

I told my fiancee that we have to give Lil Ting to her mom, that you can’t just tell someone one thing, get their hopes up, and then do the exact opposite. Even if it’s your own mom! Now future wife and mother in could potentially be upset and using woman logic- that means somehow upset at me as well. Makes perfect rational sense.


I racked my brain on how I can make them both happy and my life easier, but couldn’t come up with a solution. All my current litters were sold out and there wasn’t anything off Venom available. Once a customer reserves a pick puppy with us, it’s theirs. Doesn’t matter if someone else offers more money, or I want the puppy for a family member. It doesn’t matter. Suddenly I remembered that a Customer (and now friend) just had a litter where Venom was used at Stud. George Perry over at Rock & Roll Bullies. It was a longshot, but worth a shot at least. So I called him up to see how happy he was with the litter (Venom X Vogue) and told him I had a random question for him. “You have Venom puppies in your litter that also happens to have an all-white head?

Lilac Tri Color Pocket Bully | American Pocket Bully Breeders | Venomline

To my disbelief, George responded with  “yea, actually, there is.” George was kind enough to offer to sell me one of his keepers for my mother in law. My fiancee is happy and now we’re keeping Lil Ting and mom-in-law gets exactly what she wanted. Everybody wins.

I definitely owe him one for coming through like he did. Mom names her “Gypsy” and she lives with her in Montana. They are best friends and they make quite the duo. Here are updated photos of Gypsy at almost 13 months old.


The lighter shade of Lilac sometimes referred by some breeders as “Purple Tri.” Although purple tri is not an accurate term to describe the lighter shade of a lilac tri-coloured American Bully, you can see why it is referred to as such.

This particular shade of lilac in a tri-colour bully has to be one of my absolute favorite American Bully coat colors. The coat looks almost purple in certain lighting and appears to change color in darker settings. It’s from the light reflecting off of the dog’s coat, but whatever the case.. it is an absolutely stunning color.


Lilac Tri Color Pocket Bully | American Pocket Bully Breeders | Venomline

Gypsy is extremely impressive aside from just color. Amazing young bull at just under 13 months. Great headpiece, straight fronts, tight feet, clean bite, great topline and good turn to stifle. The beautiful lilac tri color is just icing on the cake. This girl could kill it in the show ring, but mom isn’t showing (yet) lol so no point in cropping her ears. She’s all-natural and proud of it.

Look for the announcement on Gypsy’s upcoming breeding soon.

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