International Stud Service/Shipping

International Shipping | American Pocket Bully Stud Service | Venomline

We ship Worldwide, discounted bulk orders for our International Customers. Set up your yard for generations to come!

Do You Ship Frozen or Fresh Chilled?

For Customers within the U.S. Fresh Chilled Semen is recommended. For our International Customers, frozen semen is recommended.

Do You Have an American Bully Stud Contract?

As with all of our Services, we guarantee quality in the contract.

What If My Female Only Has 2 Pups?

We also protect our customers by including (in a contract) that a litter is defined as 3 or more puppies living past 30 days.

What If My Female Doesn’t Take (Get Pregnant)?

If your female does not take, you do not lose the Stud Credit or have to pay again as some breeders would have you do. Simply contact us and let us know and you will get another Stud Credit to use during your females next heat.

What Countries Do You Serve?

We have shipped to several countries spanning across almost all Continents, we guarantee quality (in a contract) for both Domestic & International Shipments.


How Do I Ship To My Country? What are the Shipping Costs?

To ship into your country, you will contact a 3rd party shipper like Sires on Ice, Canine Cryobank, Cryogenes or another that services your area. They will act on your behalf to transport the semen in and assist through customs, delivering at your vet or local storage facility. They will give you quotes on import costs in your area.

How Do I Get Started?

Contact us at 832.452.0898 and Pay the Stud Fee or for the number of breeding units you require, then contact the transport service you would like to use (we can also help assist you in choosing a good importer) Then we will begin the process of collection and freezing.

Once the desired number of breeding units are ready, and the required testing according to your country is completed, the transport service will pick up your tanks, test again for quality, motility and count and then ship to you. Let us know your shipment arrived safely and we look forward to getting the call that you’re expecting and that pups are on the way!


What Type of Payment Do You Accept?

We accept Paypal, Credit & Debit, Square Cash, Bitcoin & Ethereum