Using A Top Stud Is Only Half The Equation..

Top Females Separate The Best From The Rest. Meet The Queens:

The Females Of Texas Size Bullies

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The Studs


After a relatively quiet year with one exceptional litter in house litter (GrCh Chumper X Panda) We are about to drop bombs.. We are not playing games. Most Picks have already been reserved in advance with one new breeding announced today.

 1. Venom X Harley Confirmed Pups Due 4/20 Sold Out 
 2. Venom X Ch Karma Breeding Complete (Not Accepting Deposits)
 3. Venom X Moana Breeding Complete (Only 3rd Male Available)
➡️ 4. Mye-Stro X Khaleesi In Next 2 Months (3rd Male & Female Available)
➡️ 5. Oro X Abigail Next Couple Months
➡️ 6. Venom X Lucy (2X Venom)
➡️ 7. Venom X Baci
7. A Confirmed Breeding That Is Due 4/22 That We’re Not Announcing Just Yet..

Upcoming Breedings

➡️ To reserve your pick off an upcoming breeding:

IMG_128029872831_10216022734626216_5607765029151636617_oIMG_128329872036_10216022734306208_8529527216089449849_oProcessed with MOLDIV

Louis V Line’s Venom Closing To Public June 1st 2018

Reserve Venom Before He’s Closed (Reservations have no expiration and will be good even after he’s Closed)

There are many Louis V sons, but there is only one Venom 🕷

Louis V’s Shortest & Most Compact son is Producing Some of the Best Bulls on the Planet 🌎 If you’re looking to: 

✔️shorten your stock ✔️add bone ✔️shoulders & neck ✔️Shorten backs ✔️Flashy colors (every color Tri) ✔️Complete w/Venom’s signature headpiece.. Look no Further

Venom’s Stud Fee: 3K
Deposit to Reserve: 1K
May 1st: Stud Fee Goes to 4K
 June 1st: He Closes For Good 
 Deposit locks in Stud Rate & Has No Expiration

➡️ Stud Info:
➡️ Productions:
➡️ Pedigree:




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