Using A Top Stud Is Only Half The Equation..

Top Females Separate The Best From The Rest. Meet The Queens:

The Females Of Texas Size Bullies

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The Studs


After a relatively quiet year with one exceptional litter in house litter (GrCh Chumper X Panda) We are about to drop bombs.. We are not playing games. Most Picks have already been reserved in advance with one new breeding announced today.

 1. Venom X Harley Confirmed Pups Due 4/20 Sold Out 
 2. Venom X Ch Karma Breeding Complete (Not Accepting Deposits)
 3. Venom X Moana Breeding Complete (Only 3rd Male Available)
➡️ 4. Mye-Stro X Khaleesi In Next 2 Months (3rd Male & Female Available)
➡️ 5. Oro X Abigail Next Couple Months
➡️ 6. Venom X Lucy (2X Venom)
➡️ 7. Venom X Baci
7. A Confirmed Breeding That Is Due 4/22 That We’re Not Announcing Just Yet..

Upcoming Breedings

➡️ To reserve your pick off an upcoming breeding:

IMG_128029872831_10216022734626216_5607765029151636617_oIMG_128329872036_10216022734306208_8529527216089449849_oProcessed with MOLDIV

Louis V Line’s Venom Closing To Public June 1st 2018

Reserve Venom Before He’s Closed (Reservations have no expiration and will be good even after he’s Closed)

There are many Louis V sons, but there is only one Venom 🕷

Louis V’s Shortest & Most Compact son is Producing Some of the Best Bulls on the Planet 🌎 If you’re looking to: 

✔️shorten your stock ✔️add bone ✔️shoulders & neck ✔️Shorten backs ✔️Flashy colors (every color Tri) ✔️Complete w/Venom’s signature headpiece.. Look no Further

Venom’s Stud Fee: 3K
Deposit to Reserve: 1K
May 1st: Stud Fee Goes to 4K
 June 1st: He Closes For Good 
 Deposit locks in Stud Rate & Has No Expiration

➡️ Stud Info:
➡️ Productions:
➡️ Pedigree:



Originally from Houston, Texas, we are now located in sunny South Florida. Staying true to our roots we kept the name Texas Size Bullies after the move. Our dogs are show-quality, come from Champion and Grand Champion bloodlines and are registered with the UKC, ABKC, & BBCR

Our dogs have been featured in Rolling Stone Magazine, BULLY KING Magazine, Bully Girl Magazine, in Music Videos and on television (NBC, Barcroft Animals)

We breed for temperament first and foremost. We are known for producing some of the thickest dogs in the world, without sacrificing conformation or health.

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