Phenotype is determined at first sight. In order to produce the dog that looks like the picture that you have in your mind, you have to use dogs that look like what you want. This is phenotype stuff. Most breeders make their breeding decisions based almost entirely on phenotype. They see a dog that looks cool, they may even look up the pedigree on BullyPedia or BullyPedex and feel accomplished like they’ve done their homework.

An experienced breeder knows that if the Stud in use is linebred, the likelihood of reproducing themselves is greater versus a Stud from an outcross or one whose pedigree is primarily the result of outcrossing. Chances of retaining any continuity becomes increasingly unlikely. The chances of unanticipated characteristics popping up also increase.

Genotype is the dogs genetic make-up – what you see isnt necessarily what the dog is capable of producing. To put the odds in your favor, the Stud you use should not only look like what you want, but whose genetic background reflects that picture too. They are the Studs who are most likely to transmit their own characteristics to their offspring.

Ever see top show dogs that can’t reproduce themselves or littermate brothers where one can produces much better than the other? Both look impressive (phenotype) but one has the genetic makeup (genotype) to better pass on more of their traits.


We don’t promote Venom so heavily because we’re in love with our dog. We are not kennel blind, we know his faults and weaknesses. But we also know what he’s produced. Even with Classic females that most Stud owners would have ran from. Look at Ch. Fury (off a Classic bitch)


He’s as Consistent as any Stud in the World. You don’t have to agree with it, ask anyone who’s used him at Stud or follow his 250+ Productions (we don’t hide any) in his group



• 2018 BULLY KING Magazine Mascot
• 2018 World Canine Association Mascot
• 2017 Stud Of The Year Nominee (Bully Embassy Magazine)
• 2017 UBN Registry Mascot
• 2017 People’s Choice Awards: Best “Micro Bully”
• 2017 Most Viewed Bully (American or Exotic)

Stud Fee: 4K w/1K Deposit or 3K Paid Upfront

Beginning Jan 15th: Stud Fee: 5K 

 His Fee Will Not Be Below 5K in 2019 

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We will always take time with anyone interested in the breed, a puppy, using a Stud or just wanting to ask basic questions. If we miss your message, feel free to give us a call or shoot us a text at 832–452–0898. If we miss your call, just shoot us a text and I will always respond within 24 hours.

Thank you for taking the time to view our family members.”


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