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Adults For Sale

1. 2017 BULLY KING Magazine Mascot Omega **SOLD**

Louis V son, 1/2 Brother to Louis V Line’s Venom

Price: 35K SOLD

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2017 BULLY KING Magazine Mascot Omega, undoubtedly one of Louis V’s best sons has proven himself as one of the Top Producing Studs in the World. This is an addition that can set up someone’s yard for generations to come. Omega became one of the most followed American Bully’s in the World as he campaigned as Mascot for BULLY KING Magazine as well is Mascot for several others.

By storing semen after purchase, and using as a vital part of your breeding program, this is a dog that single handedly puts one fortunate kennel or family a serious leg up from the competition. On top of laying the foundation for a solid program, with Omega being one of the most sought after Studs in the country- he’ll more than pay his rent for years to come.

Price: 35K  **SOLD**

2. Guardian Angel’s Harley **SOLD**

(Ch Lucky Luciano Daughter)

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This is a true she-male. The only reason we’re even considering listing her for sale is because we were able to get some great keepers off her and Venom and we need room to usher in the next generation of females.

Buyer will get full breeding rights but we will only sell her to a loving home where she will live indoors and treated like part of the family.

  • Age: 18 Months
  • Pocket: 14″
  • Extreme Build, Crazy Muscle Tone & Definition.
  • Proven producer. This is an extremely bully female that produces.

Bred Once to Louis V Line’s Venom. 7 Pups, Produced a colorful $35,000 Litter

International Shipping (Worldwide)

Price reflects shipping in early pregnancy with a belly full of Venom pups and contract including Stud Credit or Credits if for any reason she wasn’t able to carry the litter included in sale price.

This is a yard starter. Add Louis V Line’s Venom & Ch Lucky Luciano with one of his top daughters and a litter of some of the best bulls in the world.

Price: 35K Carrying Louis V Line’s Venom pups  *SOLD*


Harley was only 11 months old in this video, yea she’s a beast