Top Stud Louis V Line’s Venom Has Been Producing Some Incredible Bulls.. It’s Only right that we continue to carry on his Legacy with the beginning of Venomline. Notorious for his build on such a short frame- Venom is Louis V’s shortest & most compact son.

It will take several generations before becoming an actual bloodline, but the foundation that this boy has laid for kennels across the globe is second to none. Venom (or has we call him “Chunk”) has been producing the Louis V Line look on an even shorter, more compact american bully.. complete with his signature headpiece, short back and flashy color. When it comes to mass, muscle, bone and build on a bully under 13″.. This is King.

Beginning early 2019, we will be looking to expand Venomline into other parts of the world. We will be very selective as to who we will partner with to carry on his legacy and represent our productions in their country. We will only be sending our best breeding stock as Foundation dogs and will play a key role in setting partners up for success.

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Written by texassizebullies

Originally from Houston, Texas, we are now located in sunny South Florida. Staying true to our roots we kept the name Texas Size Bullies after the move. Our dogs are show-quality, come from Champion and Grand Champion bloodlines and are registered with the UKC, ABKC, & BBCR Our dogs have been featured in Rolling Stone Magazine, BULLY KING Magazine, Bully Girl Magazine, in Music Videos and on television (NBC, Barcroft Animals) We breed for temperament first and foremost. We are known for producing some of the thickest dogs in the world, without sacrificing conformation or health.

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