The 1st Ever 2X Venom Litter
✓ 1 Male Available ✓ 1 Female Available
All Lilac/Champagnes
2 Males, 5 Females

Consistent Across the board, there’s aren’t any last picks in this one, they all could be top picks.


This is as exclusive as it gets. Venom bred to daughter Moana. The 1st and Only 2X Venom breeding.

Louis V Line’s Venom proves time and time again why he’s one of the best producing Studs on the planet.

1st Pick Male $6500 RESERVED TSB

1st Pick Female $6500 RESERVED TSB

2nd Male $6500 AVAILABLE

2nd Female $6500 RESERVED JOSE 

3rd Female $6000 RESERVED KYLE 

4th Female $6000 RESERVED MAINE 

5th Female $6000 AVAILABLE

Deposit to Reserve $1000

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