Special thanks to Christina Maxwell for hosting an excellent show with a massive turnout. There was a lot of talent, the event ran smoothly, the judges were fair and Christopher James great on the mic.

Our dogs were another story.. They were not prepared and did not behave. At all. That’s my fault. That’s a first, and won’t happen again.

Venom & the Girls



Khaleesi looked like a statue stacking but was in full on attack mode after being snapped at on the way in. She was on a war path, which is not at all like her..

Hoping it’s the hormones and a sign she took from her breeding with Mye-Stro 3 weeks ago. She needs work, but with better preparation she’ll be back to clean out her class and she’ll Champ out. You can quote me on that. This girl has it all. 


Swizz acted like a puppy and rolled around and wanted to play. She’ll be back better prepared. The silver lining with her is that she didn’t look like she belonged in the 6-9 month class. She’s bigger than most 1-2 pocket females and has a ton of potential. This girl is special. You don’t see females that look like this at 8 months old, you just don’t.

8 month old Swizz. This girl is on another level


ABKC Champion Fury

Venom daughter Ch Fury wasn’t feeling it in the Champion Class, but Dawghouse Bullies’ Jackie & Brian will be back with her you can count on that.


The only girl that showed up ready to compete was Venom daughter Mia, winning her class. Allan Bellin & Allan Lei Bellin did a great job with her and she’ll be back to add up her Champion points.


Venom & Big Brother Ch Shamrock


This last pic perfectly sums up our dogs behavior at this event.. Females acting pyscho with Venom like “for fucks sake.. C’mon”

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