Yesterday was a lot of fun, I got to sit back, relax and watch King Tyson do his thing, winning 1st in all 4 shows and getting all his Champion points (only missing a major)
I got to watch Jacqueline & Brian Amendola’s Blue Dozer become a Champion, put hands on the monster Shamrock, who Chunk looks like a little peanut next to.. I got to watch Matt Peaden & Breanna Billie‘s Lucky Luciano son Lucci kill it, and become a Champion. I know Alex Ferraro is somewhere proud.
Probably the thing I’m most proud of, is every single Venom son & daughter in the building (4) won 1st in their class! Congrats to Marco Garcia & Tone Roldan on several big wins and thank you for the great job handling, it was definitely appreciated.

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